superior planning and architecture

Architects of national acclaim having previously designed six very successful textile markets in the country have planned the Grand Bazaar. The learning from designing and running these markets have been used in planning the Grand Bazaar. Therefore Grand Bazaar will ensure more business through a better working environment.

The Grand Bazaar will be built on a huge raised podium comprising broad roads of 30/40/45/60/80 feet to achieve a multitude of benefits:

  • Keep the ground level free from vehicular traffic (cars/vans/buses will travel on the ground level below)
  • Keep the podium level pollution-free and safe for human movement
  • Ensure a foolproof de-risking from water logging in case of heavy rains

Each shop and corridor in Grand Bazaar will open into the sky to give an expansive and healthy environment. Grand Bazaar will be designed with relevance to vaastu principles and in compliance with ‘Green Building’ norms.

low maintenance costs at Grand Bazaar

The planning of Grand Bazaar has been done to keep maintenance costs at the lowest. The insides of the market will be suffused with natural light and ventilation reducing power consumption to a great degree. Individual power backups will ensure a personal control on consumption. Common costs will include house-keeping, lightening, and security of common areas, which will be ensured at nominal levels.